Cifarelli Power Sprayer

Second project of the master course in Design & Engineering, we were asked to design a power sprayer for the brand Cifarelli. The concept cover every requirement, from the company priority to user needs and expectations. Ergonomics, ease of use, maintenance, perceived quality, brand identity, ease of manufacturing and assembling.

Luca Carlone
Lina Estrella
Francesco Pacelli
Bahram Rahnama

Romeo Maestri Frame Nailer

First project of the master course in Design & Engineering, the brief was to redesign a frame nailer leaving the inner mechanics unchanged.
The final project showed a big shift in product ergonomy and ease of use, with barely no change in product manufacturing and assembly line.

The project was developed in team with:
Luca Carlone
Lina Estrella
Francesco Pacelli

Riot Van

Co-founder of a free press from Florence,  from november 2008 during my bachelor degree. In team with Mattia Vegni and Michele Santella we developed the full coordinate image of the magazine, and took care of each number illustration and layout until july 2011.
The magazine is still running, and i still collaborate with just some random illustration work.


Kustom Tech

A collaboration started as an intnership during my bachelor degree in 2009 and still going.
Kustom Tech produces high-end motorcicle parts for the custom market.
My work was to make accurate 3D models from technical drawing provided by the manufacturer.  The 3D models were directly used to make molds and other production equipment.
During the modeling process i had to solve any formal issues, mantaining the stile of the concept, and to check for manufacturing feasibility. Draft angles, avoiding undercuts, and tolerances were part of the job and costantly checked with the company.
All the components are produced by forging from raw alluminium and brass.

All the image are courtesy of Kustom Tech, for furter information visit: